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When should I schedule a newborn session? 
It is never too early to schedule your session as my calendar fills quickly. Newborn sessions should be scheduled  6-14 days after your baby's birth. I ask clients to email me as soon as baby arrives so we can schedule before 14 days. At this age they are still womb-like and sleepy so we can get those sweet curled-up poses and dreamy smiles!  After this age, they don’t sleep as deeply. It is preferred to schedule the session no later than 2 weeks of age, however, there are always exceptions. The older your baby gets, the more awake and alert they will become during their session. If they are older I keep them wrapped nice and tight to keep them happy. No problem. 

What happens if I deliver my baby earlier or later than expected?

It is okay! Babies don't always arrive on their due dates, which is part of the reason I only schedule a few newborns per week. This ensures availability on my calendar.  That means that I sometimes end up with open spots and am always willing to try to squeeze someone in. If you have already had your newborn, don’t hesitate to contact me to find out if that is possible.

Where are newborn sessions done?
In the comforts of your home. I bring my studio to you. How wonderful is that?   Unlike chain studios, you don't need to worry about rushing or stressing over whether your baby will cry during your allotted 30 minutes! I take a very un-rushed and relaxed approach to newborn sessions. 

How long does the sessions last?
Newborn sessions are not your typical hour long sessions. Newborn posing takes time and patience. A typical newborn session can take 2-3 hours, depending on the needs of baby.  We take breaks as needed to comfort baby with feedings, cuddling, and changing diapers. The real key to a newborn session is patience. Please know that your baby is “in charge” on the day of his/her session. I go with their flow when posing. There will be overloads of cuteness as I pose your baby, but I don't make them do anything they don't like. Safety is my top priority. All babies are different so I will move on to the next pose if they don't like being posed a certain way.

Do you provide the props?
Yes, I provide everything that is needed for the session and have a wide array of adorable props. I invest in delicately handmade items.  Newborns are beautifully perfect…just as they came. I believe in simple and sweet,  organic portraiture, a style that focuses on your beautiful baby. This way, baby doesn’t get lost in the image. Newborns often look most beautiful natural or with a hat, headband or wrap. I have precious outfits too.

Will you take pictures of my other children with my newborn? What about parent shots?

Absolutely! The baby will be the focus of the session, but I love to take the time to take sibling shots with your newborn, as well as with you and your partner. Wearing neutrals work best for portraits with your newborn.

What should I do to get ready for my session?

  • Give your baby a warm soothing bath (or a sponge bath if they umbilical cord is still attached)

  • If nursing please avoid spicy foods or any other foods that will upset baby’s tummy

  • A pacifier is not absolutely required but can be helpful for settling your baby into their poses and calming them.

  • Newborns sessions require patience

  • Please feed baby as I am arriving.  Make sure baby is well fed.  This will allow for me to pose and position baby without disturbing them from their sleep. We want them to be nice and sleepy.

  • Try not to stress. I know what a stressful time this can be , especially for new parents. No worries. I don't care if the house is a mess. I am here to get beautiful images of your sweet baby.

  • Timeless clothing for parents and siblings in neutral colors will be best for photographs

  • And last but not least, No worries,  your baby may poop or pee on my backdrops or wraps. This is normal and expected! I wash everything after each session.

How long have you been photographing newborns?
Newborn sessions have my heart. For the past 14 years I have photographed hundreds of babies. Your precious newborn is in the hands of an experienced professional newborn photographer, and their safety and comfort is of utmost importance.  COVID safety during your session. I am fully vaccinated and boosted. I sanitize all props. 


Are you insured ?

Yes, I am licensed and insured.


How many images will I receive? 
Collection 1 includes a digital download  gallery with 12 images , Collection 2 includes a digital download gallery with 30 images, and Collection 3 includes a digital download gallery with all images.

How long will it take you to edit my images after the session?

My turn around time is currently 2 weeks, and if you like I can post a sneak on Facebook about 24-48 hours of your newborn session. I will email your gallery link of images to download.

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